Monday, 6 February 2012

Playlist #1

 I thought i would start uploading playlists more regularly, my itunes library is full of them and i've never had anyone to really share them with so i thought i might upload some, feel free to skip halfway through the first song as it does go on for about 10 minutes! We also had a few inches of snow where i live, we found some sledges by a river and decided to spend the whole day sledging down hills and walking about 3 miles to buy a a white chocolate kit kat, my feet are still killing me! Anyway the tracklist for my very first playlist is as follows...

  • Om - At Giza Part 1
  • July - Dandelion Seeds
  • 13th Floor elevators - Thru The Rhythm
  • Wire - 12XU
  • Count Five - Double Decker Bus
  • The Beatles - She Said She Said
  • Tame Impala - Sundown Syndrome
  • Slowdive - Dagger (demo)
  • My Bloody Valentine - Slow
  • The Telescopes - Celestial 


  1. great music list!
    I loved the track "slow" :)

  2. I only recognise some but i sure will give it a listen!