Sunday, 18 March 2012

Florence and the machine

Tuesday night me, my sister and one of her friends went to Birmingham to see Florence and the machine, supported by The Horrors and Spector. To be fair i was looking forward to seeing the support acts just a wee bit more than seeing Florence, however i had been wanting to see her since Lungs came out but never really had the chance. Spector were pretty good, the singer Fred was wearing the amazing tertis shirt he wore to the nme awards and i for one absolutely love his voice, Never Fade Away and Chevy Thunder were definitely the highlight for me from their set. The Horrors also done a fantastic job considering how their music isn't really the arena type, although the crowd were terrible during their set, which seemed to be the case for most of the tour, only me and a girl that was stood next to me were the only people proper getting into it, whilst everybody else were too busy on their phones and one boy was texting how the band were 'completely shit'. The band didn't really seem as comfortable up there compared to the time i saw then at one of their own gigs either, they even said in an interview that they prefer the 'rock n roll tiny dressing rooms' and the smaller venues, The Horrors seemed to be a bit of an odd choice as a support act for an act like Florence and the machine.

The amount of screams when Florence appeared on the stage was frightening, she came on wearing a beautiful cape, then going onto reveal a black jumpsuit showing of a figure that i could only dream of. Her voice was incredible and i couldn't expect anything other from her. Even after seeing it live i still prefer Lungs to Ceremonials but her voice was still captivating and the whole show was really something, and in some parts reminded me of her Glastonbury set, the slight twist with the piano at one stage of the song on Rabbit Heart, Florence making everyone jump up and down during Dog Days and when the whole crowd were singing to the slower version of You've got the love. The whole performance was a million times better than i had ever anticipated, and it still shows Florence has one to the most unique and powerful voices around in the charts today.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

I've run out of ideas for titles.

Tonight i was suppose to be seeing Spring Offensive at Modern Art Oxford, but due to unfortunate circumstances (my friend being grounded so she's not allowed to go) i'm yet again spending my Saturday night indoors, a bit shit really because i was really looking forward to this gig, however i done my work experience at modern art oxford and going back in there would bring back memories of accidently smashing the 20+ plates in the lift. Instead of being a wee bit miserable i decided to go into Oxford today anyway, i was suppose to go and look for more chelsea boots as the heel on mine has been completely ripped off, no idea where it went but when i looked this morning it wasn't there, my mod days were officially over. I couldn't find any cheapish boots but i found that river island had the most amazing collection of bright, bold patterned clothes, and i picked up a blue t-shirt for £12, all i've been wishing for is psychedelic bold patterned clothing, although ultimately i'm still trying to look for a paisley shirt!
My other fairly odd piece i've bought lately is the ring/bracelet combo, my mum works with someone who sells so much jewelry and just keeps on coming home with more and more things for me,  the ring/bracelet (no idea what it's called) is however, the most annoying thing to ever wear, firstly you can't put it on without assistance and once it's on you can't take it off without struggling, the ring is also too big for my finger and the bracelet part always moves about, but it think it looks pretty darn nice.
And best of all i'm seeing florence and the machine, the horrors and spector on Tuesday and i'm SO EXCITED IT'S UNBELIEVABLE, i've been wanting to see flo since lungs came out but never really had the chance, i'm not sure i love the perfect and polished ceremonials to lungs, but i'm sure by the time she'll play dog days and after the horrors have played sea within a sea i'll be in floods of tears. I'll now leave you with a song by Music Machine. The riff might sound similar (cough*miles kane*cough)

Music Machine - Mother Nature Father Earth