Monday, 23 January 2012

20th January - The Horrors

This gig was all i was waiting for, for months. It was the first time i had ever seen The Horrors and i can honestly say  they didn't disappoint. The venue was an old church, a very beautiful building and at the back of the stage you could still see the religious paintings and woodwork, it was perfect venue and very small, it was very fitting for The Horrors' music and beat any O2 academy anywhere around the country.
Toy were the support act, i've really been loving Toy lately, they're a London based band and play psychedelic, beautiful, synthy, shoegaze guitar music (very hard to sum up in one sentence) They were wonderful live, Tom Dougall's voice is stunning and softly filled the room. I managed to pick up the Left Myself Behind single pressed on white vinyl also, i'm very slowly becoming obsessed.
I can't really sum up how wonderful The Horrors were, i wasn't expecting to be stood as close to Rhys and Tom as i was, although Tom rarely even looked up from his keyboard, keeping up with his 'very cool, slightly moody, beautiful, synth geek' reputation, not that i'm complaining! A highlight for me was definitely Mirror's Image, one of my favourite songs from The Horrors, Endless Blue, the brass effects filling up the room of an old church and me dancing with a plastic cup of cider in my hand was my idea of perfect, and Moving Further Away, which was the last song they played and seemed to last for about 20 minutes. I could say this was one of the best gigs i've ever been to, there was such a mixture of people ranging from the tall, thin goths to the married couples. I left the gig with my sister and her friends, who happened to be going to The Horrors after party which was situated on an old boat turned into a club (apparently, god knows if they went), they even invited me to come along as they thought i was 18, but unfortunately i'm only 15, although i would if i could! I'm so seriously looking forward to when i see them support Florence, although that will be an entirley different atmosphere being situated in an arena.
p.s sorry for the terrible images, i only took about 4 as i was too busy dancing like some failed hippy, and they are from my phone, not the best thing. 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

bricks going up but feelings collapse..

Above: my Beatles book, my great British bake off cook book (obsessed with gbb, not even ashamed) and my mighty boosh pin and owl necklace.

Happy bleated New Year, just a bit late aren’t I? I know it’s only 15 days in but 2012 has been going very well, although I’m petrified for the rest of this year! Exams, jobs, and the prospect of going to a sixth form where none of my friends are going are all scaring me indeed. This year i will also try and blog as much as i can and (hopefully) gain lots of new followers. Every week i will try and post, this year i’m hoping for lots of new gigs to attend, me and my friend Lily have formed a band even though we’re going to have to rehearse by a river in the middle of Oxford with only a tambourine and an acoustic guitar until i hopefully get a drum kit for my birthday! By the summer maybe we’ll actually take it seriously who knows? It’s then the Olympics, my school’s prom and god knows what else.
I’ll leave you with a song by a band called ICEAGE. I rekindled my love with them after i saw that they were supporting The Vaccines on their UK tour in May, which also includes S.C.U.M. The Vaccines never fail to disappoint when it comes to choosing a support act, with Smith Westerns to Howler, who are obviously going to be huge, you can’t really complain?