Monday, 24 October 2011

Tell me the secrets of your life.

Cross Necklace - £6.50 - Topshop

Purple Velvet Leggings - £22 - Topshop

Afternoon! I've just arrived back from Bristol after a weekend spent with my sister. Originally i was suppose to see The Horrors on Sunday, however after an unfortunate postponement (is that even a word?) i spent my sunday evening watching the Hurt Locker and Strictly come dancing. The weekend itself was wonderful, on Saturday i finally got to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which despite being too confusing for me and having lots of characters, was really good, i also managed to pick up a few cheap Pink Floyd records and a necklace from Topshop. 
And in true Stone Roses reunion style i'm starting to read an Ian Brown biography. My sister managed to get tickets for their reunion show, which has infact made me very jealous however they're not the greatest live band, and with new material fingers crossed they'll tour. 

Novella - The Things You Do

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Good Afternoon Good Evening

After months of continuously 'blogging' on the generic site tumblr, i decided that it was finally time to create a blogspot, many times i have failed. My name is Lillie, i am currently 15 and from Oxford. I am an aspiring Art student and tattoo artist and  my english skills are horrific, hence why i am using google chrome to correct my spelling mistakes. At this moment in time i have just found out that the horrors have cancelled their Bristol show which i have been looking forward to for months so i have now come to the conclusion that i am never meant to set foot in the same room as Rhys Webb, as the rescheduled dates will either collide with college open evenings or the vaccines. So apart from my typical Horrors outbursts that will probably appear every now and then, i'll write a little about myself.
  • It is my dream to move to London, and study Art there, i have no certain plans for my future apart from that, i've always just wanted to get to London and see where life take me
  • I love music, i like to play keyboard, and i play little guitar, however i am a left handed guitar player and the only guitars there are in my house are right handed, so trying to play chords is near enough impossible. 
  • Bands i especially like are The Horrors and Velvet Underground, however i love all types of music from psychedelic, garage, ska, classical and 60s girl groups
  • John Lennon and Andy Warhol inspire me more than any other people
  • If i was to ever go on mastermind my specialist subject would have to be the life and times of Alexander McQueen, who is again, one of my heroes. 
I'll post some more in the future, i still have plans to go to Bristol this weekend despite not seeing The Horrors, and it is also the long awaited half term!

Lille x