Tuesday, 28 February 2012

blah blah blah

Recently all i've been obsessed about is rings, long chiffon skirts, the it crowd and underground shoes, most importantly blitz boots, the metallic ones, and i can't find them ANYWHERE. I'm probably better off going to Camden and trying my luck at finding a pair there but they are honestly beautiful, no matter how noel fieldingish they are (and that's not a bad thing). I'm desperate for a new wardrobe also, especially with sixth form coming up in September, then i'll have work and summer to deal with, i'm bad enough on a non-school uniform day let alone picking outfits to wear to school everyday! I also have my maths exam on Friday and Monday and all i can say about that is that i'm absolutely petrified about it, it's the silence in the exam room which makes me nervous more than anything, and lastly my mum has dismissed the idea of me playing the drums, which i'm gutted about. My little terraced house isn't big enough for an actual drum kit, i have no garage space, and the only place i could really put it is in my nan's garage, which would probably upset the neighbours, who are all pensioners, so i'm taking up the guitar again unless anyone is willing to buy me a beautiful korg keyboard? This Saturday me and izzy are going up to yet another performance at the record store, i have purchased tickets for both a spring offensive gig at the art gallery, i have florence and the machine to look forward to, and finally i'm going to the fashion and textiles museum in london with my textiles class later this march, i've never been before and i am actually quite excited, so i have lots and lots to blog about this up and coming month!
I've started to use my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette recently and i'm not really sure my views on it, the colours are beautiful, lots of dark and silver shades which is everything i want when it comes to eyeshadow however it doesn't show up very well, although i am a person who does like her eye makeup to be a bit too dark and bold. It was a Christmas present from my uncle, who obviously has far too much money considering how much Bobbi Brown make-up is, the silver/glittery colours are wonderful, however i was slightly disappointed with the purple shades which looked a bit washed out on my pale skin tone.
My Django Django record also arrived the other day, it is the single for Default and includes several different remixes from Tom Furse (The Horrors) Dan Carey, and Twitch Optimo.

Friday, 17 February 2012

moving further awaaaay

So, Sunday me and izzy went to Truck Record store in Oxford for their 1 year birthday celebrations. They had Nick Cope, Jess Hall, Spring Offensive and James Vincent McMorrow playing acoustic sessions throughout the afternoon. I'm not a huge fan of folky/acoustic music that they was playing but it was a day out! I'm not going to stress how hard finding the actual store was, neither of us had been there. We got the bus to the O2 Academy which we both knew for certain the store was near, we walked for about an hour and a half until we reached B&Q in a part of Oxford called Blackbird Leys, which, if you was going to get mugged or stabbed anywhere in Oxford, it would be that place. We had to pay another fiver to catch the bus back to the centre of Oxford, until the bus actually drove past Truck Store, it ended up being right next to the O2 where we left the bus, however the opposite way from where we walked.  Doesn't sound at all that bad but it was an actual disaster on the day. We missed Nick Cope, but i wasn't so found of Jess Hall or James Vincent McMorrow, a little tedious for me personally, however Spring Offensive were great and SO much better live than recorded, and they're also playing a gig at Modern Art Oxford which will probably be great if we can go! Yet again, sorry for the way-over edited photos, can't make them look at all decent. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Playlist #1

 I thought i would start uploading playlists more regularly, my itunes library is full of them and i've never had anyone to really share them with so i thought i might upload some, feel free to skip halfway through the first song as it does go on for about 10 minutes! We also had a few inches of snow where i live, we found some sledges by a river and decided to spend the whole day sledging down hills and walking about 3 miles to buy a a white chocolate kit kat, my feet are still killing me! Anyway the tracklist for my very first playlist is as follows...

  • Om - At Giza Part 1
  • July - Dandelion Seeds
  • 13th Floor elevators - Thru The Rhythm
  • Wire - 12XU
  • Count Five - Double Decker Bus
  • The Beatles - She Said She Said
  • Tame Impala - Sundown Syndrome
  • Slowdive - Dagger (demo)
  • My Bloody Valentine - Slow
  • The Telescopes - Celestial