Saturday, 5 November 2011

Don't believe the hype...

So yesterday i saw, of course, Arctic Monkeys, who were brilliant and brilliant may well just be an understatement. 
After driving through traffic, buying merch, queuing for the toilets, buying cider and water, me and my sister still managed to get to the barriers, it was just to the side of the stage and we wasn't in amongst the 'death by arctic monkeys' fans. The Vaccines came on, in all their 'need a new haircut' glory and were of course amazing, even if it was a little tedious and quick for me, however you could probably blame that on seeing that same set in April and watching it over and over at festivals on the T.V. Unfortunately i couldn't get any decent photos of The Vaccines,  they're all blurry apart from one photo of Arni swishing his hair about which came out brilliant.
Arctic Monkeys then came on, their set was incredible and i loved how they played so much from the previous albums rather than lots from Suck It And See. The crowd was amazing which made it even more enjoyable and i officially want to marry Jamie and Alex and be best friends with Matt and Nick and live my life with them forever. (keep on wishing) They finished the gig with Mardy Bum, slowing down the tempo a bit so it was just Alex, his guitar and the crowd singing, and then 505, Dance Little Liar made me squeal with joy. 
Overall the whole night was so good, i wish i could re-live it over and over and over even if i did get lots of beer and god knows what else chucked at me.