Friday, 17 February 2012

moving further awaaaay

So, Sunday me and izzy went to Truck Record store in Oxford for their 1 year birthday celebrations. They had Nick Cope, Jess Hall, Spring Offensive and James Vincent McMorrow playing acoustic sessions throughout the afternoon. I'm not a huge fan of folky/acoustic music that they was playing but it was a day out! I'm not going to stress how hard finding the actual store was, neither of us had been there. We got the bus to the O2 Academy which we both knew for certain the store was near, we walked for about an hour and a half until we reached B&Q in a part of Oxford called Blackbird Leys, which, if you was going to get mugged or stabbed anywhere in Oxford, it would be that place. We had to pay another fiver to catch the bus back to the centre of Oxford, until the bus actually drove past Truck Store, it ended up being right next to the O2 where we left the bus, however the opposite way from where we walked.  Doesn't sound at all that bad but it was an actual disaster on the day. We missed Nick Cope, but i wasn't so found of Jess Hall or James Vincent McMorrow, a little tedious for me personally, however Spring Offensive were great and SO much better live than recorded, and they're also playing a gig at Modern Art Oxford which will probably be great if we can go! Yet again, sorry for the way-over edited photos, can't make them look at all decent. 

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